Oh Zebra Sock…how do I love thee…let me count the ways?  You have a new heel architecture which is easy to do and fits even people with high arches and tricky insteps…your pattern is written in multiple sizes/from tot to total grown-up.  The sock has already inspired many of us to want mohawk hats, zebra mitts and fringed scarves using this novel stitch idea!  AND the sock can be knit without the zebra’s mane and fit beautifully because of the rib used in the cuff and leg.  It is a many faceted sock.  Best of all, your LYS will be carrying the sock as an individual pattern.  Once you fall in love with this Sweet Tomato Heel you will want the eBook…but small baby steps are a great way to start.  Start with this pattern as soon as you can lay hands on it!  I have held and examined these socks (the actual ones Cat knit) in my own two hands and I already have the Pediboo here to make them!!!

Bee Balm in the foreground.

As a knit blogger and LYS owner, every night I take a run through the new patterns posted on Ravelry.  Up until now I have done it purely for my own interest and to see what’s new.  Sometimes, when something really strikes me I speak of it here.  Last night, it occurred to me (okay, I know I can be a little thick) maybe I should make daily reviews.  In that vein, here are two sweet patterns I came across last night.

Courtesy of Bonnie Groening, a Toddler Earflap Cap…I know my friend Lisa is going to be looking for hat patterns for her grandson soon and this seems like a great one, especially with the earflaps.  Currently, it is free as a Ravelry Download and can also be saved to your Ravelry library (I always do this).

Free Lace Shawl Pattern (really!!!OMG!!!) courtesy of Gabrielle Mardsden.  I clicked on this expecting a hefty price tag, only to discover this to be currently a free download.  It is beautiful and now on my to do list.  The shawl is called:  MONONGAHELA  and refers to a region between Pennsylvania and another state.  The name of the shawl loosely translates as:   slippery slope.  There is also a group for this pattern called:  Monongahela Test Knits.

Uncle Dude’s Chemo Cap is done, washed, blocked, dry and wrapped up in a little package just for him.  Hopefully, we will get a chance to run it over to him later tonight ( I was hoping to combine this little outing into a TCBY run! ).  He has a sizeable cranium and I do hope it fits…nervous…will feel better when I see it on him.  Here are a couple of Photos:

top increase area of the hat


It is too big on the glass head, but should be perfect on Dude...I used an I-cord bind off for a perfectly stretchy edge, and grafted the ends of the icord together.


Two nights ago, I knit the first 110 rows of Alcyone.  I love this small shawl.  I tried it with the stockinette option.  And if I had prestrung the yarn with beads I would have kept to this option.  But as I looked at the ones completed on Ravelry I came to the realization that a big part of what I loved about this pattern is its all-over texture.  Yup, this morning I went into work and frogged.  Now the first 110 rows are complete again and my inner greedy little knit Self is grinning ear-to-ear.  When this one is done, I am going to count all those little eyelets and get enough beads to do the stockinette version with a little glinty starry bead in each of those eyelets.  I may have a friend or ten who might like this as a holiday gift!

terrible photo....the colors are AWESOME...but you can see the lace cable...this is 110 rows.


My friend, Chris, should have this month’s kit in her hands today.  She was sending ocean photos, but must have something else keeping her busy.  Here is my favorite one of the three she has sent thus far:

Chris's ears must have been burning because she just texted me while I was uploading this photo! CHRIS: WHAT DOES TAM mean? and...Chris: knit every row on the flounce!


Here is how I have come to love my iPad:  it is perfect for my eBooks and knitted charts.  Why, you ask?  Because I am an old lady who can see nothing anymore.  The iPad, with a simple flick of the finger, enlarges the graph to just about as big as you could even imagine.  Here, have a look:

chart before enlarging without a trip to Staples...


chart enlarged a little without a trip to Staples...the chart can be enlarged to fill the whole screen if you like!


So, Naysayers of eBooks, I Nayslay you.  I do not have 101 pages to carry around (this eBook is 101 pages long).  No trees have been demolished.  I have not have to make countless copies of charts and send toxic fumes into the air whilst I laminate said paper charts.  Just me and my iPad…thank you very much.  (And this is where I also confess, that while my son does have a Kindle, he seems to prefer and complete REAL paper book more than he reads on the Kindle.  Go figure…there is one technology he is not into.)

and your daily dose of cute:

Nikkers to Clara Parkes: Dear Aunt Clara -- Kitties ALWAYS come first before everything! See how I own my Mama?!


Take care and take a moment to send some good vibes into this world.  There is just so much need.

with love, light and laughter always, Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn