Have been laying low…still wheezing with the humidity and pollen.  I have three stars on every level of Angry Birds Seasons and knit two shawls this week.  Almost done crunching numbers for the new baby sweater pattern.  Want a chocolate milkshake more than Tina Newton ever wanted beer o’clock.  Am grateful beyond all measure for the ability to have unlimited texting because trying to speak just makes me wheeze more.  Martha has been keeping me company quite a bit…God Bless.

Here is a photo of the shawl, Alcyone, also by Romi Hill (in her 7 Small Shawls eBook which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND):

ALCYONE, by Romi Hill...I began knitting this with a stockinette background. Did 100 rows and decided what I liked best about this was the rib texture. Frogged and am now happy as a clam. Will wash and block this tonight.


Martha finished Asterope. This is done in Aisling Yarns sock yarn and took only one skein. Also by Romi Hill/7Small Shawls. Did I mention I HIGHLY recommend this ebook?


I also have the Colfax Shawl on needles.  I woke up to the yarn for that, 600 plus yards of Jaeger Spun Zephyr (merino silk) scattered to the four corners of my room.  Since it was in the BOTTOM of my purse with a ton of stuff on top and right next to my head that night, I have no idea how I slept through the noise Nikkers created making this total debacle.  He also chewed the tip of my bamboo addi.  Good thing I love him as much as I do.  I wound yarn for an hour and a half.  Then repaired the needle with a superfine nail file and clear nail polish…clear nail polish is just a gift from the Gods, don’t you think?

and here is the daily cuteness: (Nikkers and Daisy took turns napping on each other last night)

Nikkers on Daisy, both on hubby, with Whitney sleeping on his feet


with loads of love, light and laughter,  Mary Ellen