Rosemary Hill’s eBook, a mere 101 pages, titled: 7 Small Shawls should be more aptly titled: Potato Chips and Pistachios–bet you can’t stop at just one.  In the last 10 days, admittedly stuck inside with asthma, I knit three of her lace creations.  No end is reasonably in sight…I catch myself mentally scrolling through my stash, trying to decide which yarn would best suit which shawl.  I am hoping to do one of each of the shawls for a display for the studio…besides the ones I intend to have on hand as gifts and for my own greedy yarn-lust-lover-of-all-things-knit.  The rib stitch in Alcyone is just begging me to turn it into a cardigan for this winter.  I have only 15 rows remaining of Celaeno, which is knit out of an old skein of Opal…I had empty needles and was in a hurry.  Today, I even got to work one row of Martha’s Merope…so totally hooked.

The patterns in this collection are well-thought out and in both written and charted instructions.  Ms. Hill uses — AND I LOVE THIS — one symbol to mean one thing.  When I am tired, I don’t have to ponder which side of the shawl I am on…I just follow her CLEARLY CHARTED DIRECTIONS.  Besides being fun and “hideously addictive” (and that was meant in a completely POSITIVE sense), these patterns are also a lace-knitting education that has me asking myself, what is my “lace point of view”…if I wanted to design lace, where would I be coming from?  I am completely inspired and filled with knitting wonderlust.  Kudos to Rosemary Hill…you are a fine designer and I am enjoying this journey very much.  Here are some photos from today:

I am at my son's football practice blogging. This is the gestalt view of Celaeno over the steering wheel.

close-up view of a flower at the edge of this shawl...a beautiful Estonian stitch which Romi Hill has transformed into a quatrefoil. Brilliant!

close-up of a leaf in Martha's Merope Shawl being done in Abstract Fiber's Black Opal.

Kathy is halfway through her Lady Jane shawl (my design)...which is edged with lace as you top edge to do later. This is Koigu but the colors did not photograph cell phone is feeling bright today.

This morning’s class was attended by both Suzy and Debbie.  Suzy is hard at work on her Vitamin D sweater (by Heidi Kirrmaier) and it is beautiful.  Debbie completed her cotton summer cardigan and we proceeded (with ease) to the next steps of Franklin Habit’s Giovannina shawl.  Here are photos of Debbie’s completed sweater:

Debbie lengthened the pattern and it is very flattering.

Debbie chose to lengthen the sleeve to just below her elbows and it looks perfect.

It took me all day to create just the initial pile of yarn to take with me to Sock Summit ’11 for my classes and to choose which projects I wanted to bring along.  You know, even with that marketplace and all those vendors, I could run out of something to knit and that would be a disaster (said tongue in cheek).  Packing books for trips used to be this challenging too before the advent of the Kindle.  Tonight I hope to spread it all out on my bed and make some choices.  Honestly.  Mostly I am torn between working on “Tina’s Sweater” and Romi’s shawls…and I am not yet ready to decide.  My usual “one-in-every-color” tactics are not helping with this situation either.  PFAD (an no I will not translate).

We had a local tragedy…a barn burned down fast and hot.  Martha, an equine vet, was there to help and wound up rescuing her newest baby, Phoenix the black cat.  There are lots of other animal photos today…here is the cuteness:

Phoenix is about 6 weeks old and too cute.

this is a zeeboo...

Jamie sent us these photos...a Zeeboo is a miniature bull...similar size to a small goat named Mimi.

Nikkers gets his purr on.

Sputters watches over Brian playing video games.

Chris sent a photo of the ocean and said she saw dolphins today for the first time all summer:

Just an early FYI:  we are starting a new way to raise funds for great charities this year.  With the help of some of our knitters and donations from some of the suppliers of Summit Yarn, we will be raffling off ($5 a ticket) handknit items each month.  The first item is from yarn donated by Donna McGranahan of Skacel Yarns:  a beautiful skein of Filigran called:  Indian Summer.  Martha will be knitting this up into a medium sized shawl which she and I are creating together  with inspiration from Rosemary Hill.  Stay tuned.  Here is a photo of the yarn:

yummmmmmmmm.....Thank You Donna McGranahan and Skacel Knitting!!!

Today is the first football practice with full pads, and so in accordance with prevailing custom you are being subjected to my proud-parent photos:

Brian in full football pads and his father just glowing with football pride!

what can I say...I put the local orthopod on speed dial.

with love, light and total unimpeachable excitement about going to SOCK SUMMIT ’11,  Mary Ellen

go…go get your knit on!!!  xoxox