Okay, I am eager and am willing to openly admit that, YES, I was the first person on line at registration this morning. No, when I saw The Yarn Harlot HERSELF, I did not run up and hug her or jump up and down like a lunatic…not on the outside. When I stood face to face with my IDOL, Tina Newton — depravedyer — I calmly introduced myself and said that Sock Wooligan was mine. Okay, when SPM said: “That is an awesome sock!”…when she did not have to and did anyway…that blew my mind. I am now in my room doing a contorted jig-happy-dance. I am truly grateful you are not here to witness it!

Yes, I did sneak a photo of Anna Zilboorg’s back…I am not proud of it but I worship her in all her joyous knitter’s wisdom. The photo is just for me on low days to remember being near to one I admire so much. There was also: Candace Eisner Strick, Anne Hanson, my dear Cat Bordhi and best of all, Franklin Habit in his very macho and hot (I am dead serious) kilt. Every member of the SS Team was friendly and sincere and I send warm hugs of gratitude to them all…especially Stephen who is charming beyond measure.

The knitters here are warm and friendly and I love sitting in the central area and just meeting one new person after the next. Much as I have enjoyed the East Coast since migrating there from Southern California 30 some years ago…there is an ease here on this Coast that tugs at my heartstrings…hard. Being here is like slipping on my favorite soft old denim shirt and rolling the cuffs up…but so much bigger than just that.

I learned a ton today and was able, with Cookie A’s inspiration and leadership to put together the pattern for this month’s sock club pattern. There is a brand new stitch for the cuff which I have had in my head for some time now. And when I shared the inspiring photo to my teacher, she said it really worked. Nice Feeling that.

Tomorrow is class with Cat Bordhi, Personal Footprints for sock knitters. I have to go do my homework for that now. You all take care and get ready for the epic storm of new ideas I am bringing back with me on Monday!

with love, light and heartfelt West Coast Warmth,
Mary Ellen