It seems to me as I scan both the new uploads to Ravelry, other blogs, and the search items here on my blog there are a few things you guys are looking for:  Shawls Not With Lace, Always an Interesting Scarf, Blankets of Note, Anything With Leaves and a Good Sock To Knit.  The hunt has been fruitful this week.  Some of the patterns are unbelievably free and those that are not are clearly worth the purchase price.  I hope you find this helpful and inspiring!

For starters:  STEPHEN WEST’S mystery kal is up to clue #2 out of 4 clues but the first two clues don’t have you doing very much.  If you have not yet begun, you can this week and stay in the fray with ease.  And FYI, if you have wound your balls on a ball winder, then just work from both ends of the balls for now.

I love the whole concept behind these socks and have been going through my beloved scraps of BMFA to do a pair of these.

love the texture in this cowl!

support a great cause...I will always be a child advocate!

love the use of the sunspots stitch pattern here

Here is a NOT LACE SHAWL which is fun, easy to knit and reversible! YAY!

This is MY TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: colorful (or not if you choose), pleasing to the eye, interesting to knit, exceedingly portable. Undeniably great!

Clearly, this is a designer to keep an eye on in the future...and did you notice the word "FREE"?

Another NO LACE SHAWL with beautiful Celtic Cables...this is in my queue.

Ahh, Fighting the Vertical interesting sock to knit and full of inspiration!

LOVE this knit sideways shawl, especially the play of the diagonal design against itself at the central point of the shawl!

Other patterns to go look at:

  • The Sofya Cowl, a two-color knit by Jennifer Dassau
  • Fair Isle Hat by Mary Ann Stephens coming in this Fall’s Vogue Knitting
  • Lace Shawl by Candace Eisner Strick, also in this Fall’s Vogue Knitting
  • American Brilliant by Sharon Winsauer — if you liked or loved Arsenic and Old Lace then you will LOVE this
  • Men’s Swimsuit by Dale Peterson…let me know what you think.
  • Soap Sachet by Sara Gresbach…a great last minute gift to let someone know you care!
  • Knittens by Wendy D. Johnson…LOVE THEM!
  • Shipwreck Shawl in Knitty Spring 2009…saw this at Sock Summit and fell in love!

Here is some final wool to love!  Take care and more later…love and light always, Mary Ellen