What a challenge this was from start to finish.  It was hard on the spinners and their wheels to spin in the grease (with unprocessed wool freshly shorn).  The knitting was slow and none of the teams were able to finish.  World Wide Mash Up was determined to have completed the most knitting and was declared the winning team.  They won and donated $300 to the Yarn Harlot’s favorite charity — MSF (Doctors without Borders).  This is the contest I designed Sock Wooligan for:

Sock Wooligan...pattern to be available shortly in my Ravelry Store.

The Fleece To Foot Challenge was way in the back of the Market Place at Sock Summit — spinners, knitters and sheep.  The energy was high but indrawn, as you would expect for such an event.  There were great support friends, hand-feeding the contestants who were so clearly focused.  It was a beautiful space to pass time.  Far in the back corner was a pen with the sheep who had donated their beautiful fleece.  Here are the photos I took as I had a meditative stroll around:

the first of six teams hard at work

I loved watching the spinners and the yarn winding onto the bobbins without effort...at least to my perception






loved these spinning wheels












The Winning Team: World Wide Mash





one of the teams

The opportunity to see the teams in action was awesome and to visit the sheep was wonderful since I was in complete pet withdrawal at that point.  One of the sweeties even kissed me!  Here are the many photos of the fleece donors:

this was the most affectionate baby there


I have noticed most of the patterns that competed in the design for glory contest are available on Ravelry…so if there was one you liked make sure you go look for it…they were all awesome.  Mine will be there after a quick rewrite for knitting all in one piece.

with love, light and laughter always,

Mary Ellen Langieri

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