Normally, I love to go for long walks and explore new territories.  Lisa loves to even more than I.  However, my dogs were screaming and the only complaint you will hear from me about Sock Summit 2011 is that the chairs at the Convention Center were the worst chairs at any conference in the history of the world (as I retired pediatrician I have been to more than my share of Convention Centers for CME credits).  There was a metal bar across the front of the chairs that hit my legs in just such a way that we all wound up sitting with our feet up on tippy toes.  So walks at the end of the day were not tops of my to do list.  Apologies to Lisa and my porky body.

However, we did spend one evening strolling around the courtyard of the convention center where the Flashmob was held.  It is beautiful and has some of the most creative planting I have ever had the pleasure to view.  Here are the photos I took:

berries...not sure what kind.

This planting is a series of logs from a huge old tree placed in a line and watered regularly. It is an experimental planting to see what comes to roost and I love the idea.more tree planting

a bell with yellow and red roses all around

close-upThe rings in the tree telling its history were my focal point here.

note the moss...Lisa liked this.

and just to prove that anything can be made to look better, here is a decorative trailer hitch cover:

and now I am all caught up with the postadays 2011.  I do have two other posts for you waiting in the wings:  the review of Clara Parkes’ class at Sock Summit 2011 and a Customer Projects from Summit Yarn Studio post.  So, more tomorrow.  Take care and relax those shoulders folks!

with love, light and laughter always,

Mary Ellen aka theHumanLoom