Everyone is coming by to pick up this month’s new sock, inspired by flowers in my son’s garden.  I am almost done with the first of my two; I turned the heel last night.  Usually, after turning the heel it is a quick journey to the end of the sock.  This first sock is the prototype that I created/knit in Cookie A’s class at Sock Summit 2011.  I am looking forward to knitting the final pattern that evolved from this first spiraling sock of random ideas.  I should mention this:  often my socks although they are a “matched pair” do not match stitch for stitch.  While knitting one sock, I get an offshoot idea and then I use to second sock to see what happens.  Sometimes I like them both and sometimes one is just better than the other.  This willing randomness makes some of the Summit Yarn Knitters nuts (like how I feel when I see tangled yarn) and others, like Cat Bordhi say things like: “That is just so right in so many ways.”

The Knitters that ARE Summit Yarn have been very busy indeed this summer and here are some photos to show you what they have been up to.  Franklin Habit’s Giovannina Shawl is gorgeous — he has a real talent for all things lace but especially for finding a way to put elegant lace in a meaningful frame…really, look at the following photos:

notice the edging and look closely at the line of lace that surrounds the central motifs...there are not many lace designers who take the care to frame their work in this way.


This is Debbie's Giovannina Shawl in Filigran.


Suzy has absolutely outdone herself with one of Kieran Foley’s new patterns, Mercato Dei Fiori…she chose Zauberball Crazy as the background in hues of oranges and other brights with three other bright contrasting colors of Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool.  The result is outstanding:

In fact, her photo is going to be displayed on the actual pattern page by the designer! Yay Suzy!


Chris finished the Mayflowers Socks from our sock club and the texture in any yarn plus the stretchy rib has a great look.  I love the budded brocade pattern and how it works up into the stranded colorwork cuff.  The colorwork is co cleanly done it looks embroidered not knit into the fabric.

Chris's completed socks.


Lourdes is nearly done with her July socks…she reinterpreted the stitch but I like how it works because it is more elastic than the stitch I wrote.


Tracy, Lilybelle and Tucker put in an appearance today and it was awesome to get to hug and visit and catch up today.  She has been knitting baby garments, one cuter than the next:

baby tux




My husband spotted knitting catching on in a local gym:

and the rest is our beautiful garden, an endless source of inspiration:

we didn't remember what kind the peppers were until they spent the afternoon in my car...so spicy...we think habanero!


Gotta run…the kid has football practice and I need to get my plump tush on the treadmill.  I tried to upload more photos but the computer said no.  More tomorrow.  Loads of love and light,  Mary Ellen