Oh, I’ll bet you thought I was talking about something else.  Nope.  Still ranting about swatches.  I am working on a new design project in Frog Tree Alpaca Sport.  I worked two inches and checked my stitches to four inches and rows to two inches.  I thought about letting it rest there but I went ahead and knit past four inches like a good designer.   Good thing too, because I would have been off in my row gauge per four inches.  It seems obvious to me that gauge is best measured in the middle of the fabric…not including the edges which tend by their nature to be “off”.  Don’t cheat yourself or your project.  Do your gauge swatch.  Buy an extra skein so you have more than enough yarn.  Save your swatch.  That swatch could later be the inspiration for a new design.  If nothing else, the swatches can be put together into a wonderful afghan of memories and good knits (and maybe some knits best forgotten…but because you swatched you knew, so you didn’t get sucked in…right?  Right.)

Speaking of a good six inches…I learned a new term today:  “…having a Prince Albert…”.  This makes me officially old.  I really thought I had seen every form of human ornamentation thanks to working in emergency rooms in Newark, NJ and Philadelphia, PA.  Apparently, there is more to learn.  If you know the ETIOLOGY of this term, I would be very interested.  I just can’t fathom how that gets named after royalty.  Send said intel to my email:  summityarnstudio@aol.com  and thank you in advance.

The new Vogue Knitting issue arrived today.  Usually I read knitting magazines like a teen boy reads a Playboy…straight to the patterns.  However, I would encourage you to read the articles at the beginning.  Ten years ago, it was almost impossible to get a straightforward explanation of how to do short rows with wraps.  Now, in this issue, there is a column written by Meg Swansen with not one but three ways to do this technique  WITH PHOTOS.  My favorite pattern is the lace shawl by Candace Eisner Strick but I also LOVE the green lace cardigan and the two-color brioche hat.  There are issues available at the studio if you do not have a subscription.  Don’t miss this issue.  OH, there are a TON of free patterns to be downloaded cited in this magazine…especially really good sock patterns.  FREE!

All that aside, take care, enjoy your knitting and know that my son grows the best tomatoes I have ever had.  Period. The end.  with love, light and laughter always, Mary Ellen