This morning I received the go-ahead to post the first four patterns to join the Frog Tree Family of my design.  There is also hope that in about two weeks there will be a new scarf/shawlette pattern ready to post on Ravelry…fingers crossed.  I also have a new shawl in the works…not lace…but knit side to side with a new edging.  It will be knit out of Frog Tree Yarns Chunky Alpaca.  I have test knitters on the pattern right now.  For the time being, it can be referred to as the Sea Green Thing.  Here are photos of the newest patterns you can find at your LYS or order from me and I will ship them to you (just drop a note in my email!):

The FiddleHead named because it resembles the ornate carvings on the head of a violin. Ribbing is combined with rope cables and a floral lace stitch in an easy to remember stitch pattern, both written out and charted. The test knitters at Summit Yarn were very enthusiastic about this pattern and I do hope you enjoy it too! When ordering ask for pattern number FT-245. And...Thank You!


The Lady Jane Wrap came into being in answer to the requests of knitters frustrated with trying to guess how much yarn to budget for the final edging of shawls. In answer, this shawl is knit side to side and both top and bottom lace edgings are knit at the same time. Though it resemble Whipped, it is a completely different construction and not an update. Please remember the body of the shawl can be knit with any stitch you choose: Stockinette Stitch, Garter Stitch, file:///Users/maryellenlangieri/Downloads/photo-17.JPGSeed Stitch...etc. This becomes a lovely knitting experience, and leaves you with an elegant piece to wear when the knitting is complete. When asking for this pattern at your LYS, as for pattern number FT-244.






Meet Winnifred Wensleydale Wooligan...the minx who began all of this. She is the matriarch of the Wooligan Clan. The pattern is now available with the names of all 24 sheep just for Ewe to knit. When asking for this pattern at your LYS, please request FT-261...and Summit Yarn Thanks You!


The Heirloom Baby Blanket is a reversible and easy-to-remember stitch pattern using only knits and purls. The texture appears lightly embossed for a classic look. The Heirloom Baby Blanket is a quick and pleasurable knit you are going to want to do again and again for those much loved little people in your life. When requesting this pattern, please ask for pattern number FT-257...and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


and finally, today’s cuteness:  I was getting my son ready for football the other day and I kept hearing “Mouw…Mouw Mouw!”, louder and louder.  I finally looked up to see Nikkers flirting with me shamelessly on top of the stair bannister over the foyer.  Here is the same photo from this morning from a higher vantage point, in case I needed to resue the little rascal:

Nikkers, the netless trapeze artist, and his brother, Sputters in the foreground. I apparently am "MaaouwMaouw".


with love, light and laughter always, Mary Ellen and all things Summit Yarn  xoxox