This is a long entry full of all kinds of knits for all kinds of tastes.  Most of what I put up here I notice either because I, personally would love to knit this or I hear from the Summit Yarn Knitters that they are looking for something specific.  Sometimes, the choice is just beautiful or the price is right.  OR, it is something by a favorite designer and I want you know it is available.  Feedback is especially welcome on this column because I know it can be exhausting going through all the pages each week of new patterns on Ravelry.  My one question for this week:  FRANKLIN HABIT IT IS PAST MID-AUGUST AND STILL NO TRIANGLE SHAWL…YOU KNOW THE ONE…DESIGNED IN HOMOR OF YOUR MOTHER…WE ARE WAITING IMPATIENTLY…PLEASE, WHERE IS IT?…FRANKLIN, MORE PLEASE?

a pretty little scarf with lots of tweakage possibilities


nice use of seafoam stitch!


Now that I have overcome my intarsia fear, I can envision the remote possibility of knitting this.


this seemed like a Donna knit to me...or for anyone who likes neat scarf patterns!


nice sweater with Fall looming near!


I love knitting mittens like this...they are knitter's crack!


nice easy knit...great gift idea


great idea to move the increase spine stitch around in a zig zag...loved it! Who says it has to stay in the middle?


this would be AWESOME IN ZAUBERBALL!!!


great idea!


great slouch hat...loved the colorwork!


another great slouch hat with a textural twist!


There are always new moms coming through looking for Soaker patterns...this looked like a good one!


LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this sock pattern...can't believe it's free...get it quick!


love the texture and THE PRICE IS RIGHT...I will definitely be knitting this as a gift!


a sweet easy knit


this is designed by Clara I really need to say anything more?


This incorporates gave me some ideas...Bwahaha!


Here is the update on my Stephen West Earth & Sky Mystery KAL:  I am loving this, the fabric, the movement of the colors and this, too, has given me some future design ideas.  Thank you Mr. West…great Knit!

Earth and Sky Shawl in the Sonoma Collection from Sundara Sock yarn


Take care.  I have more catch up posts to write but needed to clear these photos first.  If you hear anything about Franklin’s new shawl please let me know.  I have yarn waiting.  Sigh…

loads of love, light and laughter always,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn