My son is built like a brick house, now. When we brought him home he was an underweight baby on an apnea monitor. Even newborn clothes were huge on him. He has always been one of those kids who will thin up when he hits his growth spurt, which is exactly what has been happening this year. However, he decided he wanted to play football. Weight, to be able to play in the games is 155lbs. We began ghis odyssey with him weighing in at 173. Ugh. Another parental balancing act.

We have been eating fruit, salads and protein drinks. I began Nutrisystem. We even found fiber pills so he would feel full. Those fiber pills were nearly the death of me and there is a chair at Starbucks with scorch marks to prove it.

Last week his weight hovered between 156-157. We ate even less. AND at the eleventh hour, he made weight at 155.5 lbs. Wiping sweat from our collective brows. Here are photos from his first game…he played in the starting line-up. We won and he is un injured. Life is great!