If you are interested PLEASE LET ME KNOW NO LATER THAN FRIDAY.  This is a rare sale on a gem of a yarn:  Cashmere Trend by Schulana.  It is 100% CASHMERE with 63 yards per 25 gram ball.  Knit on US 9-11 needles it gives 4-4.5 sts per inch.  It comes in the following colors and can be ordered by the ball.  It is regularly $30 per ball and for this week ONLY by order can be purchased at $23 per ball with a fifty percent deposit.  I ordered 10 balls for personal consumption already and am always happy to order more.   Here are all the magnificent colors:

there are four color cards, this is the first (I ordered the color twist, #447)


color card #2


color card #3


color card #4


My email is:   summityarnstudio@aol.com   and I am happy to place an order for you.  This is a rare opportunity.  Otherwise, the yarn is always available to you as a special order for the regular price and the company is happy to send just the amount you need…so this works well for us all!  Not many companies are so generous or willing to work with customers in this way!  Thank you and Kudos Skacel/Schulana!

with great anticipation, Mary Ellen Langieri