Books, Yarn, Chocolate, Children and Animals (in no specific order) are on my list of what helps me make good in this life in this world. You all know how very much I love to knit and how much I love wool. Reading and BOOKS are also tops and always have been.

Keeping good health and getting my excess weight off is also very important; top of the list these days. Nutrisystem and regular exercise are working. I have no issue with the entrees or the program. It is great. But their initial dessert offering and realizing just how many calories can be in yogurt pumped full of air were eye opening.

So, tonight I spent a deal of time in the market tonight reading labels. I found yogurts and Weight Watchers Ice Cream Sandwiches (only 110 calories!!!). I encourage everyone to read labels more! If I had more often I would be in better shape!

with love and hope, Mary Ellen