An alternate way to drape Fauxberry; classic colorway version.


Due to the interest in this pattern and a request, I spent some time today developing alternate colorways for this shawlette/scarf.  Here are the photos.  If you are interested, I have all the supplies and am always willing to ship to you.  Just shoot me an email!  Simple as that!

The three balls together are the main colors; the other two are the edging and the highlight color -- knitter's choice.



Color way #2.


Color way #3 -- that is a baby/sky blue.


Color way #4.


Color way #5.


Color way #6.


Color way #7.


Color way #8.


Color way #9.


Color way #10.


Color way #11.


I hope this inspires you.  For more inspiration go to the Burberry Site and look at their color combinations.  Looking through the current Vogue, I was also really liking the use of color this year by the company called:  Mulberry.  Watching fashion trends, I would point out there is an emphasis on combining black, white and grey — BIG TIME…just random thoughts.

Have a great day…have more for later….C U then!  love and light, Mary Ellen

YEAR-END SALE:  You come in, tell me what you want and I will discount it as low as possible.  Win-Win.  Good until the end of August.  ❤  xox m.e.