Today was a sprint from start to finish.  Let me begin by saying that if you did not see this week’s episode of “The Closer”, go find a way to see it.  I am now and forever a total fan of the character “Captain Rader”…she rocks my world and I want to be just like her when I grow up.  All I want for Christmas is the bean bag gun like she used at the end of the episode.  I am certain it could improve my attitude towards marriage.  Enough said.

Brian had to be at Tennis lesson by 9am — and the fact that I routinely stay up till 2 am doing design work doesn’t help this situation.  It took three alarms and a phone call to get this done…not to mention a ton of caffeine.  He had a great lesson and made a new team that begins soon as a competitive team.  YAY!  His coach is pleased as punch that Brian was so inspired by going to the US OPEN and asked when was there a tournament he could play in.  Bill has been waiting for this day for 10 years.  I don’t think his feet touched the floor for a full hour after Brian asked.  😉

The cats could not figure out WTH was going on with me getting up so early and just looked it might make them melt right off the bed:

Sputters oozing off the bed and Nikkers squinting at the is this for real?


Ellie has adopted the Santa Claus rug as her spot in the studio.


Suzy is hard at work on her Vitamin D Sweater…here are some great photos:

I love how the short rows move the colors around in this yarn and sweater!


You can see the sleeve on waste yarn in this photo.


Okay...Ellie is just too cute!


Martha completed the first shawl we are going to raffle to raise money for important charities:  The shawl is our version of Romi Hill’s Live Oak Shawl with the leaf edge along the top as well as the bottom.  The yarn was donated by Donna McGranahan who reps Skacel Yarns.  The yarn is Filigran and the shawl is just amazing…!  Tickets will be $5 and the proceeds will be split between Afghans for Afghans and The Red Cross.  Here are photos:

Martha models the shawl!


close-up view


and my final favorite pic for the day…the world’s smallest eggplant:

with loads of love and light,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio