As I looked through the photos on my phone, I realized it has been awhile since we saw many of the animal friends and family of Summit Yarn.  Most people know I love four legged and two winged friends…must be the latent farmer in me…but I would never be a real farmer because all the animals would be pets, with names and a piece of my heart belonging to each one of them.  Knowing that, some of the best emails and phone messages I receive are unexpected photos of these blessed friends who keep us smiling and content.  Here is a catch up on my backlog of these photos:

Nikkers and Sinfonia watching over me the morning after returning from vacation. Notice the less than happy glares from both of them.


a seagull braving the wind along the beach on Hilton Head


Crows shared my lunch on the beach one day.


Shh! Mimi thinks she fits in that bucket.


Mimi the goat likes to rub her horns on the ropes that hold the horse in place.


Sputters and his magnificent whiskers.


Smidgen aka la femme pouf, likes to sleep NEXT to me. She just lets me think it is my bed. Sheesh.


Sinfonia occupies the pillow on the OTHER side of my head every night.


Have I ever mentioned I love Mimi the goat? She has such great personality!


This is one of the new lambs from Juniper Moon Farm....put our OPEN HOUSE MONDAY THE 26TH ON YOUR CALENDAR...5pm to 9pm (or later!).


Sputters watches over us all.


Gene, Jamie's new kitten discovers the world of boxes.


a horse at the racetrack drinks from a hose


Sputters likes to say: Hi SINFONIA!


Gene is a prince who got dressed up like a frog...I hope he got lots of kisses!


Gene dealing with dress-up...God Bless.


Gene snockered on some catnip sent home to him from yours truly.


Gene is a supremely patient cat…with all of us.  Sputters has found a new place to disappear to at night.  I am almost to the halfway point of the red thing…oh, and I think you are all going to like it very much.

with love and light always,

Mary Ellen