As some of you know, I am working hard to lose weight and shape up.  I have 110 pounds to lose.  Two bedrest pregnancies, one child who was just here to waken my Spirit and the miscarriage at six months of a daughter…you do the math.  Right now I feel like I have the support I need, the knowledge to get this done, and my life in place.  So far I have lost ten pounds and I feel great.  I am eating Nutrisystem and sticking to it.  I love the Breakfast and Lunch Options, but the only dinner item I really like is the Mushroom Risotto…the rest is just too processed for me but I am persevering…despite having to fend off the cats who, having never begged for table scraps before, are now convinced these dinners are really for them…again, you do the math.

Suzy and I were talking about evening time and too much sitting as well as me getting ready for the upcoming ski season (go back to last January’s blogs and read “Confession”).  She recommended something called and “Indo Board”.  I looked into it and felt like this was a good option and something I would use for more than a clothes rack.  I ordered one.  It arrived at the studio Wednesday of this week.  I took one look at it and called my sometime but amazing trainer, Joy De Soto.  We actually texted and it went like this:

me: do you have an opening to teach me something new today or tomorrow?

joy: Teach me something new…lol.  I am free around 4:30?

me:  sounds great…you will probably laugh a lot but I really want to learn this…thx!

joy:  Do I get a clue so I come prepared?

me: do you have a hand pump for inflation?

joy: Lol yes.  This is getting more interesting.

me:  see you then…no more clues.

joy:  Hahaha sounds good.

And so I took my new toy with me over to Birchwood Tennis and Fitness Club.  Bill Steege took one look at this board and his eyes dilated like Nikkers when I find his favorite Ratty…and in minutes Bill was up on the board ON THE BIG GIGANTIC SCARY TUBE…holding on to my shoulders.   Bill loves workout gizmos.  It was hilarious.  He even got me up there but I had such an adrenaline rush of fear I am still coming down from it.

Joy took one of it and her eyes dilated too, but out of caution…she’s a smart one that Joy…that’s why I call her to train me.  I am disallowed from the big roller for at least two weeks (fine by me!) and relegated to the inflatable training pad (google INDO Board and you will see…there are even videos on YouTube).  She gave me all kinds of exercises and techniques and I am loving it…sore glutes, obliques and all.  I may look like Kung Fu Panda…but not for long.

This is Mary Ellen reporting and now I must return to the knitting of the red thing.

loads of Love and Light, and of course, Laughter, Always,

Mary Ellen