There is a beautiful sanskrit word: prasad. It refers to a special or blessed gift given freely. To give in this way carries its own blessings for both the givers and the recipients of these gifts. Most of us who have participated in the Arsenic and Old Lace KAL have had this experience. I have new friends around the globe, a better design awareness and it’s just been plain fun.

There is a second sanskrit word I live by: Dharma, right action. All actions have consequences. All people exchange energy…hopefully always in the most positive of ways. Admittedly, I mess up and I am very quick to apologize when I do. I am human and quite imperfect.

That all said, it is my hope that people realize the free patterns here and on Ravelry are Prasad and to be respected. They are gifts specifically to thank knitters for making it possible to do what I do for a living…design. It is a trust that other LYS owners will understand and respect these intended knitterly gifts.

Thank you.
with love and light always,
Mary Ellen