The Red Thing is complete, at least it is ready to be sent off.  The pattern is typed.  I have read and reread it so many times for typos I don’t even know what I am really seeing any more.  The garment is as perfect as I can make it.  I do feel a little like I have given birth and I am immediately shipping the baby off to be judged.  But I love the people I am sending this to or I never would even contemplate this insane act.  You know:  I go into the UPS store with my box tomorrow and they ask me — how much do you want to insure this for?  I don’t know…how much is the last two months of my life worth?

Tomorrow we will return to the regularly scheduled programming, with “Knolfing” at the top of the list of things which MUST BE discussed here.

loads of love, I am going to go find a rock and crawl under it for the night.

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