I have been watching documentaries on Netflix these days.  I put the iPad on my chest and the four cats gather round at bedtime and we watch together.  Mostly, they watch and I snore.  It works.  It may take me weeks just to get through one 51 minute episode; but, where is the race anyway?  History is my thing, followed by archeology, anthropology, religion and now Art.  I get my Cliff Claven moments (Cheers…old TV show for those of you too young to know)…like, did you know THE BUDDHA got up one night and left his wife and newborn son?  Just like that, because there was so much suffering in the world.  What a load of manure.  Now we call people like that deadbeat dads and the police hunt them down.  I could be enlightened too if I left for parts unknown and sat undisturbed under a tree all day long.  I could be thin too…no stress, no nervous eating.  (No disrespect to the PHILOSOPHY of Buddhism.)

Instead, I am married 23 years to a man who gets crabby every time he is on call and who was quite the nasty pisser last night.  I was so angry, that instead of watching the one show I had been waiting all weekend to watch I got up and went to my room…after I threw my son’s gaming control at husband’s shoulder.  I thought about aiming for his head but wasn’t sure I could run fast enough with my arms full of my knitting.  It was not nice.  It was not mature.  It was less not nice than his not nice and it felt good in the moment.  It was also better than starting a screaming match.  No, I am not ever expecting to experience enlightenment.  I’m cool with that.

I spent time talking to God in my head today…about all the stuff of life; mine, my friend’s, the world, Buddha’s wife.  I worked hard at the studio.  I am knitting a sample out of Meriboo for Frog Tree Yarns…really a nifty sweater made out of two rectangles and folded Origami Style to become a kimono type sweater.  Great for a beginning knitter.

working on a sample sweater for Frog Tree Yarn

The sweater is designed by Linda Daniels.

I taught my son trumpet and he is hitting high notes even he looks surprised to get when they happen.  We sold some yarn.  Some good news arrived.  Football practice was canceled for today…more good news.  Still, I had my rosary out today because it helps me work through my questions.  Husband arrives from work, helps son with homework.  Still pissed at him…eat dirt.  End of day, we all go home.  I leave last after the boys…my studio is my tree.  I chant sanskirt prayers and close up shop for the day.

Once home I warm up Nutridinner because I am overweight and trying to get thinner…that tree is sounding better all the time.  I take it up to my room, so I can eat, knit and watch a documentary Suzy has recommended (“Exit Through The Gift Shop” — watch it and expect to laugh at the end).  Perfect timing…the documentary was just the quirk I needed to snap out of it.  There was no conclusion; no snappy explanation, just more of this world as it is…it just is.

THEN the fun began.  I have a couple of friends who for the purpose of tonight’s discussion, shall remain nameless.  They are younger than me and shoot me pics now and then…shirtless men, cowboy butts, assorted and sundry amusements, all of which I enjoy thoroughly.  What these two young friends forget is that I tend to say it like I see it.  Then guess who is surprised?  So, a photo arrives and is captioned:  my friend hurt his foot.  I pull up the photo and…well, OH MY.  Here is a very tightly cropped image…use your imagination to pan right and guess what is not tucked in…

Yes, over to the right is a very healthy and vigorous Mr. Johnson.  I shoot her back a message:  good thing he only hurt his foot…there was more. You get the idea.  Then there was this terrible moment.  I was not the only person she sent this photo to…there were 19 other people all linked in to this text, all 19 receiving my Chaucer-esque replies.  Beautiful.  What to do but dig in deeper…go down, go big.  Then the other nineteen people start asking me:  who are you?  Reply:  friend of the person who sent this photo.  Ohhhhhhhh….  Then get this:  sender of pert picture texts me back:  I am too much.  I love that…never going to erase that from my phone!  The moral of this story:  check your texts.  If it is a Mass Text…reply privately.

So, I am in my room laughing,  answering texts and watching this documentary about a Graffiti Artist who didn’t play by “The Rules” and other Graffiti Artists are pissed.  It was just sublime.  More laughter.  I finally call my husband in and share.  We laugh…life goes on.  It Just Is.

MIRIAM:  if you have endured through this tirade then know that because you are such an adorable gush I will put the new sock pattern up for sale in my Ravelry shop in case you like it that much!  I will get that done tomorrow.

GERRI:  The cats are all here and they send you purr-purr kisses and hugs.

CORINA:  I miss you!

WELCOME to the 91 countries reading this blog!  Thank you and may we continue on for many years!

with love, light and laughter,  Mary Ellen