Every year the knitters of Summit Yarn brain storm about how we can best serve with charity knitting.  We have knit chemo caps, knit for women battling breast cancer, knit for Afghans for Afghans, knit for local children who don’t even have mittens or hats, knit for the homeless…and more.  This year we thought we would try something different.  We will be knitting one of a kind pieces and raffling them with all proceeds to go to relevant charities.

This first piece is a shawl, knit by Martha Wells with yarn donated by Skacel Knitting:  Filigran, in a color way called “Indian Summer”.  Donna McGranahan, rep for the Skacel Company, brought us the beautiful ball of yarn.  Here are the photos:

close-up of the Filigran Indian Summer


Thank you Skacel Knitting and Donna McGranahan!!!


The shawl is plain at the top, then all fluttering leaf lace to the edge.  Then there are leaves ALL AROUND every edge.  It is beautiful.  Here is a series of photos, so you can want it as much as I do:


Tickets are available at the studio and I am even happy to take online requests…just email me at


and we will work it out for you.  The drawing will be on November 30th.  Please help with this endeavor, it will be greatly appreciated!  Martha even printed up beautiful tickets!

Raffle Tickets...make sure to get yours before November 30th!


My family was out of town when the worst of the flood damage hit, but I saw the news.  Entire homes were taken off their foundations.   People are still getting rid of mud.  Every time it clouds up, you can see the people around here get tense.  Please help the recovery process.  We all thank you in advance.

with love and light, always, Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio