The Cricket Loom with warp and weft using the yarn included in the kit.


Yesterday I got out the directions and Yes, I read them.  It took me all of twenty minutes to warp this wonderful rigid heddle loom.  It was a piece of cake.  I never imagined warping a loop could be so easy.  Once that was done, I wound a shuttle and went to play.  I love the weft part…I say it that way because my weaving teacher (Peg McDade) says every part of the process is weaving.  Today, at 4 pm I was removing a 7 inch by 72 inch long scarf from the loom.  By the end of dinner the fringes were tied and the ends were all tidy and even.  It took 100 yards to warp the loom for this scarf and about 200 yards of yarn for the weft of a densely woven scarf.  I am officially a fan.

These looms are available at Summit Yarn, these and any other weaving supplies you might need.  Summit Yarn Studio will be happy to begin a Cricket Club for anyone who is interested, just let me know via email or phone call or comment right here on the blog.  If you already have a rigid heddle loom you, too, are invited to join the club.  If you don’t have a portable loom, I am happy to order one for you.  Come in any time and I will show you how the loom works and you can try it out for yourself.

blue and green wool by Brown Sheep


Using oddments of yarn


one last swatch


Love, love, love this fun way to bust my stash!  Yay!!!


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