Thanks to Suzy, I can now “shred” on the Indo Board and I love it.  I can not travel it around the room the way Suzy does, but I can see now how she gets that done and I am working up to it.  This is a great work out and knitters who are willing to try should check this item out on the internet.  Start with the inflatable cushion, the board and the back of your couch or chair (a heavy chair) to hold onto.  By taking a break every forty minutes or so, you give your hands a rest and you remind your body that you care.  If the Indo Board is not for you, then take a lap around your house, or something to get the blood moving.  Winter is coming and I know we all want to hibernate, but I am resolving to control the size of my butt cheeks this winter at the very least.

I have also stared that box of wax strips down.  I can honestly report some good news.  One, I learned that I can cut the strips into smaller strips and they still work.  I reread the directions.  Now, I can wax my lip and chin without maiming myself.  I consider this an enormous accomplishment.  Small things please me.

At the recommendation of Patrick Rothfuss, author of “The Name of The Wind”, I watched all Netflix available episodes of a show called:  “The Guild”.  It is hilarious and inane and I love it.  I even went so far as to find a similar game app I could download onto my iPhone — I stink at it.  I have absolutely no idea how to kill the baddies.  I will keep trying.  My character name is Maglia (Italian for knit) and has bright white hair.  The game is called: GraalClassic.  There are people from all over the world on this at any given time — all of whom succeed at killing me.  Ugh!

This last can do is the best:  I went to a great Yoga Class last night taught by local teacher, Beth Romanski.  The class will be on Tuesday night for the next four Tuesdays and then switch back to Monday’s.  If you are new, the first class is free.  Drop in’s pay $12 per class and if you are really into yoga — six weeks is $65.  Kathy went with me and looked awesome after class.  The workout was great and vigorous enough that I broke a sweat.  Beth is a calm, even presence with an energy that I love to bask in.  After a week of unfounded accusations, crazed neighbors and worrying about being held up at the studio…this Yoga class helped all the stress FALL AWAY.  The studio is in the old bowling alley just off Davis Street and Beth’s website is:

Beth also writes a blog called: and if I have gotten the title wrong, you can link to her blog through her website.  Beth is a breath of fresh air.  Go…yes, you…right now…and read her website and blog and see for yourself what you think.  After all, it is your experience that matters most of all.

Take care and Stay Light.

loads of love, Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio