These pictures are about 10 days old and we have been having light frosts since they were taken.  There are still a few marigolds hanging on, pansies taking cover under old leaves and the red Salvia has one last upshoot of “take that! I refuse to go quietly into Winter!”.  I went out into the front bed and cut back all the old dead plants and re-weeded one last time.  I think I will yarn bomb the front of the building and chain my sheep sculture to the now empty plant hook…make it look like a farm of sorts…crazy pants?  Maybe a little…I’m okay with that.

The Summit Yarn side of the building.


The entrance to Summit Yarn.


The trees went straight to a glorious yellow.


Brian posed one last time by this year's garden.


The Red Salvia hangs on....


Geraniums and Impatiens


Purple Pansies...


Johnny Jump-ups


Ice Ewenice is on order for when the weather gets close.


Take care and Stay Light!

loads of love, Mary Ellen