Here is the last week’s worth of photos of my babies and nieces and nephews (the furry kind…but still…):

Sinfonia: If Mom isn't home I just sleep on her clean laundry.


Sputters and Nikkers posing for a Doublemint commercial.


Jamie's Gene Simmons...see I can go where your knitting goes...


Suzy and EllieEllieEllie !!!






My Whitney


Daisy Doodles


Ewwww!!! A bug...beetle...but I thought the colors were really supercool!


Mimi, the soooooooo very tired goat!


Some catnip having its way with Gene Simmons, Jamie's cat.


Martha's Phoenix...also soooo very tired.


Jamie's Sister's cat and dog...too flippin' cute!


Sputters and Nikkers waiting for me to get to bed already.


Catnip from Chris makes strange friends, indeed.


"What?!!! Can't a fella just sit here and be cute?"


"No, no, no, Mom! I'm the one you photograph, not him!!! Sheesh!" Nikkers pulls camera towards his face.


And, for now we are all caught up on these photos.  I still have a backlog of other bloggable posts…so more tomorrow (more than the usual amount of more…got that?)  Time to go over homework with son.  Take care and Stay Light!

with loads of love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen and the Furry Friends of Summit Yarn