Have you ever noticed the utter confounding connectedness of everything in life? Yes, there are the crazypants days when everything is disjointed and so many levels of wrong; but, here I am refering to how things cascade, one leading to the other in ripples of perfection.

A few years ago, I read a book called: “The Name of The Wind” and loved it. Written by Patrick Rothfuss, it is literature, prose and wonderful. I never read books twice because…I don’t know…I open the pages and I remember everything and then it is just boring. Books I have read more than once: The Bible, Moby Dick, The Bhagavad Gita/Jnaneshwar’s Gita, Play of Consciousness and The Name of The Wind. That’s it. The first time I read this novel, I read it (read: “ate it for lunch”) for the story. When, finally, the sequel came out, I decided to skim the first novel again. This is when I fell in love with the dance of the prose. Mr. Rothfuss is our generation’s Tolkien and I am grateful for his wit, intelligence and the sharing of his inner universe.

Of course, I recommend this book to people all the time. One of my friends in particular, Jamie, loved it…the way I do. Nice to have someone to share that with…someone to wonder with and rehash the events of the story. She has read the entire sequel. I have begun the sequel but my heart hurts for the main character because I can see where the story is going…so I have put on my blinders and put the book down for now. For now, the ending is good…I have chosen to make my ending where everybody is happy…Chris calls this my Rose-colored glasses mode. Yes, sometimes I need them.

Jamie found Pat Rothfuss’ blog…which is wonderful and if you like to write, everything you read there will improve your writing and creative skills. Also on his blog I found mention of a TV/Internet show called: “The Guild”. This hilarious and inane show is about online gamers…RPG’s to be exact (that means Role Playing Games). I fell hard for the characters on this show and have watched all five seasons and anything else remotely related to the show.

So, what comes next? RPG’s of course. (Remember: Role Playing Games — not the kinky kind!!!!) I found an app on my IPhone called: GraalClassic and now I am collecting Gralats ($) and slaying baddies and slaying anyone who steals my spoils. My husband and son sit in utter astonishment and giggle/chuckle/laugh out loud. My son, who happens to be a stellar researcher, found more for me. We looked at World of Warcraft…and it was a no for me. I am not paying a subscription fee for this. Sheesh. However, son found that the first 20 levels of this game can be played for free. He also found me more APP’S: Pocket RPG — which absolutely rocks, and another RPG coming out in November called: Elder Scroll Skryim. They are all suitable for kids and you can appear very cool as a parent now that you are able to suggest/and/or play these yourself.

Have fun storming the Castle!!!! Mary Ellen aka Knitzilla WRAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!