Since before the birth of our son, Gary and I have been going to Roba’s Pumpkin and Tree Farm in October.  We enjoy the kettle corn, cider and local clover honey.  We get a pie pumpkin and one to carve for Halloween Night.  We stopped trying to navigate the corn maze when we realized it was ultimately going to result in one of two things:  Gary’s untimely and bloody demise or a divorce.  It just wasn’t worth the angst.  Then when Brian was born, the photos of him as a baby by the enormous pumpkins, visits with the sheep and goats and later rabbits, and, of course, punkin chunkin’.  When Brian was little I would spend weeks working him up to a fever pitch frenzy waiting for “Spooky Ooky” to come decorate the house while “we” were out (he would be at preschool).  It will always make me smile to remember how he would erupt when the decorations finally and magically appeared just in time for Halloween.

Now that our son is an adolescent, Halloween is much simpler…a veritable walk in the park.  We took Brian to his tennis team practice and went, just the two of us again with Brian’s very specific shopping list.  And now that I think of it, I did not get one bite of the bag of kettle corn we purchased!  Here are the photos:

the annual "guess the weight" pumpkin


backside of the gigantic pumpkin


I don't think this photo needs much commentary.


Gary finds "the" pumpkin.


Assorted gourds at Roba's...I thought they looked like a pile of snakes.


Gary now does the Halloween decorating. Plug in two plugs...voila...done.


Take care and Stay Light!  loads of love, Mary Ellen