Whenever my family goes on a trip, I prepare a list of all the potential yarn stores we might “have” to check out, you know…to make sure my LYS remains up to current standards…purely investigative…no personal gain on my part…sure.  Most knitters are adventurous in this way.  It is like each new yarn store is another new mountain to climb or cave to speelunk (spelling? no idea).  Recently, we had a visit from two knitters on their way back from Stitches East, which was up in Connecticut.  Roberta called me from the road and we guided she and Connie in for a fun visit.

Connie, foreground, shares one of Roberta's creations (that's Bertie in the background)


It turns out Roberta is the bees knees at intarsia, and she creates one fun and beautiful item after another.  Here are a few pics of her work (I especially loved the spider on the Halloween bag):

intarsia spider!


wicked witch shoe


winking cat ;-D


I loved Connie's scarf...it is apparently a scarf on Ravelry -- String theory, I think -- it would also be FAUBLOUS in ribbon yarn!

What I loved best was, they went to Stitches with matching sweaters made by Roberta (Connie’s, in the photos below, had a blue background and Roberta’s had a purple background) and made quite the splash.  I am sure if you google this past event (it was in October) you will see photos of them…there or on Flickr.  The knitter on the sweater looks like the card character “Maxine”, but is not…this is an old British pattern.  Love It!

The Knitter's Sweater!


close-up view...how would you riff on this pattern?


I love to hear about your knitting travels.  We have several great yarn store locally as well and we really should all get together and organize a Yarn Crawl…Scranton, Pittston, Clarks Green and Mountaintop…sounds like a fun day!

Anyway, remember our YARN AND WINE TASTING THIS FRIDAY from 3-9pm with Eve Ellsworth and Schaefer Yarns and some delicious new surprises.  Next month there will be another event…a SAMPLE SALE AND CLEARANCE just for your last minute gift-giving needs…so stay tuned!

loads of love, light, and laughter always,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio