I had so many plans for yesterday…LOLZ.  The studio is neat and tidy and ready for tonight.  I have some lovely wines to try and Eve Ellsworth is bringing scrumptious yarns.  I ran to the store this morning for cups and a balloon to put up out front so people would know there is clearly a party here today.  Lastly, before things get rolling, I wanted to put up a post with the tidbits of this week…serious, funny and otherwise.

The woman getting beaten with the frozen armadillo causes me less pause than the fact that these two people were BARGAINING over the price.


Going through my email this morning, Chris sent a hilarious email.  Here it is in pdf form — that way if you don’t want to read it you don’t have to.  I rather liked #16 on the list though.  Truths We Realize Too Late <<just click on those words to the left and the file will open.  You can save it if you like.

Ewenice got her first wintry coat this past week.


My front yard after the first snow of the year.


We got about six inches of snow...we were much luckier than others who got up to two feet of snow!


This scarf is one of my first designs. I knit it in 1986 when the Mets won the world series for my then boyfriend.


Okay.  I am still playing GraalClassic avidly and this is a shout out for help.  I have fallen and I can’t get up — proverbially speaking.  I am stuck in the mini-Halloween quest and can’t get out because I can’t kill all three baddies in the cave.  I am out of arrows.  I am out of bombs.  I am well and truly stuck.  Please, those of you who have them, check with your teenage children for advice.  I am really in a hot mess here.  Okay, you can stop laughing now.

Apprentice Knitzilla


Brian's last Junior Comets practice of the year. His team made the "Superbowl", which is this Sunday...so the studio will be closed to go watch my star player!


See you here later today.  Take care and stay Light.  Loads of love, light and laughter always,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio