OKAY, I finally got my act together and edited “Sock Wooligan” for anyone who might be interested.  This was designed for the Fleece to Foot Challenge at Sock Summit ’11 this year and was an honorable mention.  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, herself, told me she thought it was awesome…after I got up from fainting flat out, I felt pretty good.  It is now in my online Ravelry Store and I will be thrilled no end if you like it.  If you don’t, I will continue to design anyway.




Today was tough for our son.  His football team made the “Superbowl”.  He went to every practice and game.  He lost 30 pounds to be at weight for this sport.  After all that, they played him only as a sub, because injured kids who had been out for WEEKS came back to play this game.  He didn’t get nearly the play time he had hoped for and I would really like to find someone to go pound right now…not a great example to set, fortunately, he doesn’t read my blog.  My friend Kathy came and watched the game with us, and Brian was thrilled to have his own cheering section.  I am very proud of him.  The coach…that’s another story altogether.

I think I will go knit some lace and chew on a rawhide bone…no calories.

love and light always, Mary Ellen