We had a great time Friday night…wine…yarn…friends…seems like a recipe for success no matter what.  It was.  Eve had so much yarn in her car I’m not sure how she saw out the back window.  Chris brought cookies and helped me set up YARN while Eve took a conference call.  Friday was one of those days that goes by in a flash.  I was moving by 9am and the next time I looked at my watch it was 11pm.  We had all the customer favorites of Schaefer Yarns:  Anne, Audrey, Andrea, Helene, Nichole, Chris, Nancy, Elaine.  There were the neatest scarf kits (I purchased two for studio inventory for anyone who is interested) and I was able to preview three new yarn companies and have a brief peek at Frabjous Fibers, always a favorite.

This is the scarf kit made up. Note that the scarf is REVERSIBLE.


The scarf is knit in the round in linen stitch using three different colors (there are three skeins of yarn in the kit!) of Schaefer Yarn Nichole.  Then when you are done (and the scarf gets much wider…Eve was just in a hurry to have a sample), you cut the scarf open and turn the ends into beautiful fringe.  Piece of instant-gratification-cake.

The red shawl is a skein of Nancy in the Clara Barton colorway and the yellow scarf is a skein of Heather. Both patterns are free with purchase of the yarn.


In this photo you can see some of the yummy yarn colors and two knit samples from Schaefer Yarn.  There are now also available kits to make blankets from a variety of Schaefer Yarns.  If you are interested, please let me know.  I am always happy to special order for you.

By this point in the evening, the yarn on the table had been reduced by half...we just kept watching the level of yarn on the table get lower and lower. It was great!


The next Wine and Yarn Event will be Friday, December 9 from 3-9pm.  There will be featured yarns marked down to cost and a first ever Sample Sale.  There of course, will also be wine and snacks and laughter.  I look forward to seeing you then, so please set the day aside on your calendar!

Have a great day and know that I have begun my daily Snow-Dance.

loads of love, laughter and Light always,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn