Today seven boxes arrived from Schacht Spindle Company.  Chris and I each got one of the new Sidekick Spinning Wheels…and they are AWESOME!!!   I also brought in a floor model of the LADYBUG Spinning Wheel…which, I must admit after trying it that is truly is the best beginner’s spinning wheel ever.  Three cricket looms came in, and two have already sold.  There is one of these set up in the studio if you would like to try it out.  Wanting to be able to weave wider objects, I also ordered in a 25 inch rigid heddle loom, which Gary and I set up tonight.  I can hardly wait to warp it tomorrow.

Chris and I once we had assembled our Sidekick Spinning Wheels...easy peasy!


Tracy came in today, and when she turned the corner at first I thought something must be wrong because it was such a quiet entrance.  But then I saw a tiny face in her arms!  The face belonged to Leila Rayne, a miniature or teacup Yorkie.  You should have seen Brian as he held her…just mush.  So cute…but don’t tell him…not cool.  She (Leila, the dog) spent the morning sleeping in my arms…what a sweet baby…then I got the face bath of all baths.

Brian and Leila the Yorkie.

I finished knitting part two of the current Artyarns KAL of Undulating Leaves Shawl.   I am completely enjoying this easy lace.  Make sure you check out this KAL on Ravelry when you get a chance.

through part two of the Undulating Leaves Shawl...


and here is the daily dose of Nikkers:

"Sinfonia, you may be a lady but I think you need a bath!"


"Mommy, it's time for bed. Move it!"


take care and stay light!  loads of love, Mary Ellen