By the end of last week I was feeling completely overstimulated and like I just wanted to crawl in a hole and pull a rock over the top.  Enough already of everything and everyone.  I found out that I am a very fortunate soul indeed.  Friends are rare non-judgemental people who love each other warts and all and never label each other.  Things just are as they are and life flows on toward its uncertain destination.  Jamie and Chris and Kathy and Gary all showed me this last week, each in a different way; but all with deep meaning and deep appreciation for how fortunate I am they are around with their smiles and hugs.

Jamie invited me down to meet Mimi the Goat.


Friends are people who know how to handle you by the horns, still laugh while they are doing so and still hug you afterwards.


Friends Share. Mimi wore my cowl I made last winter (design by the Yarn Harlot -- bet she never thought she would see this modeled by a goat...but then Mimi is not just any goat!).


Friends help each other out...and never bite each other on the butt when the back is turned (Jack the Horse was in process during this shot).


Friends often share a vision of the world around them...up...down...sideways...


Love is often hard to whispers softly of the truth.


Friendship and Love are safe havens.


Love is often protective of those it holds dear.


Friendship takes time to build. Love is what/who drove me down to the racetrack despite my mumblegrumble state. Thank you Gary.


Love is where rest and restoration can be found...without fail.


Love and Friendship comes in all sizes.


Love does not need fancy names or labels. This is my friend Kathy's cat, Kitty.


Love just knows you.


enough said...xoxox


Here’s hoping you are all able to bask in the warmth of what is really important about the upcoming Holiday Seasons.  Take care and give someone you care about a good hug today.  Chances are you both need it.

love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen