As most of you know, I have many canine friends who drop by the studio for a visit and some cookies and always kisses.  Today two of them came for a visit this morning at the same time.  Awkward!  There I was having lovies with Zoe and in walks Ellie.  Then they were both in my lap and that was okay but Ellie was giving the stinkeye.  So, I hand Zoe back to her mom and give undivided attention to Ellie.  Holy Moly was that a mistake.  Ever heard of “The Scarlet Letter“?  The next thing I know my belly is warm and wet and not for any good reasons.  Thank goodness I had extra clothes.

Really, it was the truest statement of Love and “You belong to me” and I know that.  Poor Ellie, I thought Suzy was going to pop.  It was no big deal and I felt all the love!  I think that is why I love animals so much, they are so completely pure and always honest.

Later today, Ellie sent a text and a repentent (not really) photo:

See the freckle on Ellie's nose? I just love that.


Ellie text part one...


and the truth emerges...


I have new empathy today for Hester Prynne.

with love, laughter and light always,  Mary Ellen…admitted dog slut…I shall now wear a Yellow P on all my clothes. ;-p