We made it unscathed.  Although I do have a question for you and please DO post an answer.  QUESTION:  You are stuck in a small airplane cabin; which odor can you deal with:  the sour smelling drunk,  the baby with a loaded poop diaper or the woman who has so much perfume on it makes you think your corneas are going to peel off?   I still prefer the overwhelming stench of the baby poop after all these years.  I find it comforting to know the baby is healthy enough to crap with such vigor.

It was worth the day of travel. Our vacation club room is a marvel and Husband tells me there is a pool here the size of Texas.  Today is Epcot with dinner in France and swimming all evening.

I am hammering out the pattern for the December Sock Club.  It has anew heel never before published anywhere and a new stitch you won’ find anywhere else.  The color speaks of the upcoming holidays and there is a story to go with the stitch of these socks.  The kit will be ready for sale when I reopen on Saturday 12/3.

Don’t forget to post your answer to the question.

Love and Light to you all everywhere in this great big World,  Mary Ellen