We went to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party last night and had a blast. This has been a great trip for us all, especially remembering all our past trips and the stories that go with them. When Brian was little…old enough to run like hell and still young enough to get strapped into an umbrella stroller…he was the unhappiest child in the happiest place on earth. We tried everything. Being a retired pediatrician, I made good and sure he was okay in every way. There was just nothing we could do to please him. My husband was great about this…he decided we would never travel again, we would never eat out again and for all intents and purposes, never leave the house again. Brian’s 18 months to four years were just hell. We did continue to travel and do things and it all worked out in the end. Still, it’s hard to forget how much Brian hated the Magic Kingdom that one year.

Last night as we walked into the monorail station we were recounting this story and a woman was walking in front of us with two sons. I thought she was going to burst into tears. You know…Abandon all hope Ye who enter here. I reassured her it gets better. I did not tell her it is a preview of the teen years. She will have to figure that out on her own. I mean, really, how much can you take at one time?

The party was amazing and magical. Our family favorites are the Buzz Lightyear ride and Pirates of the Caribbean. My favorites are It’s A Small World and the Tiki House…Magic Kingdom is my favorite park. We got stuck in It’s A Small World, which is no sweat for me but total hell for my husband (which I not so secretly really enjoy). I made sure I sang the song the whole time. Gotta get your licks in where you can.

If there was an elephant, I took a photo for Chris. I checked for Imagineer Disney pins. I love the creative spirit they represent and and collect them…or would like to, I have found only one.

The drive home…we saw an electrical tower in the shape of Mickey’s outline…and got lost. We finally found our hotel around midnight. Driving the back streets of the enormous hotel complex at midnight I apparently missed STOP painted on the not well-lit road as an employee was coming out of a lot. Believing I had right of way — I was on the road and this person was turning out of a lot AFTER ME– I continued on. They honked at me. I made sure to give that person my own special regards…sheesh, really, at midnight, you are going to give a tourist…a tired tourist…a hard time? I don’t think so. My husband told me: there was a stop you know. I informed him, Possession is nine tenths of the law and at that moment in time the street mine. The End.

Take care and as you prepare for this Holiday season remember to have fun! The December sock is nearly finished and it embodies the colors of the Season. I am SO looking forward to showing you the completed sock!

Challenge: find the Hidden Mickey in one of the photos below!

Loads of love, Light, and laughter always, Mary Ellen