I may have been away for a week by the knitters of Summit Yarn stayed super busy!  In the order they came in to the studio, here they are in the blog!  I hope these ideas excite and inspire you!

My friend Joy sent me this photo of a yarn-bombed Bus! Awesome!!

Shawl by Martha Wells

Martha has completed the first of Rosemary Hill's 7 small shawls for this year!

close-up: note the shawl uses Garter Stitch, lace, and Estonian Braids

Jamie's first sock pattern self-designed and knit! Congratulations!!!

A hand knit sweater Jean Sick purchased in Australia; not the Kookaboora, the Kangaroos, and the flower -- all done in intarsia.

I completed this pinwheel vintage potholder and created two more while away using a tulip lace for one and heart lace motif for the other.

Zauberball Socks in everyone's favorite colorway, knit by Martha Wells.

Jamie called from Texas needing a heel for her Cozy Cosette footies; we tried a garter stitch short row heel which I dictated to her over the phone -- GREAT JOB!!!

Suzy's newly completed Fair Isle Sweater (the pattern is from an Interweave Knits from last Fall).

Crocheted Heart lace motif which I turned into a hot mat with a contrast color back and ruffled border.

Chris is rocking it with her new Schacht Spinning Wheel!

Chris plied her first skein of yarn! She has enough for a pair of fingerless mitts.

Chris is nearly done with last month's Summit Sock Club!!! Woot!

LIFE LINES -- The December Summit Sock Club: a new toe-up sock with a new heel architecture for improved fit.

Kate Wassel came in and shared her first Fair Isle knitting...it is as beautiful inside as it is on the outside! Job well done!!!

close-up: knit in Dale Baby Ull Kate purchased at Summit Yarn.

Kate is knitting a reversible cabled sweater...love it!!!

Martha knit this lovely shawl...I forget the name of the pattern...it had the word "spines" in it.

Louise dropped by with her completed baby sweater knit in Amity...I love this pattern!

Lousie generously shared a bootie pattern in hand writing and this is the bootie with welting ankles and sole....my new favorite bootie pattern! Thank you Louise!!!

My son had tennis tonight.  After doing the grocery shopping, my huz and I had tea at Starbucks.  He shared a news item about a NY teacher who did a horrible thing to her 8 year-old students as she taught a geography lesson about the North Pole.  I was so upset and so focused as I listened to this travesty I spilled my chai down the front of my shirt (I forgot I took the lid off to let it cool)!  I wish she had the same courage to face the public as she had to bully these little kids.  I don’t have much to spare, but I would like the opportunity to give her a piece of my mind.

I still have one cat who won’t even look at me for going away.  Neither of the girl cats would even come near me last night.  I love them too.  It was fun to go away.  It is great to be back home and be surrounded by all their love.  It brings the Spirit of the Season into sharp focus for me.  Take care and Stay Light!

with love, laughter and light always,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio