This morning, among researching other things, I went through the first 30 pages of new patterns on Ravelry.  There are amazing and beautiful designs just pouring in…I guess the cold weather is getting those designers back to work…although we still haven’t seen the “Anna Shawl” from Franklin Habit, dedicated to his mother and knit in Cascade Heritage…sigh…

Somehow I also discovered a new eBook by Stephen West, the first pattern of which will be released on December 14th ( a total of 5 patterns will be included in this collection ).  I purchased my copy and I encourage you to join in the fray.  The first shawl is a textural adventure and I already have the yarn selected!

Here are the other patterns that might be of interest to you…Enjoy!!!

The Interweave Knits Accessories issue will be on the newstands tuesday December 6th!



























Take care and come for a visit soon.  Do you know I found two purple pansies in the garden today?  I will post the photo tomorrow along with a Nikkers study.  I wish you Light and Joy each and every day.

with love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn