Lately there have been some questions about my knit flower pattern included in the free pattern download called:  Rosette Scarflette.  Fortuitously, Bev came in wanting to add flowers to a hat and mitten set for her granddaughter.  Now we can go through the pattern with pictures.

FLOWER:  CAST ON 36 STITCHES.  At this point you already have some options.  You can knit a row with another color, you can knit two more rows with the same color, or any variation of the above that seems good to you.  Then the work begins.

*K3, starting with the second(middle) knit stitch bind off four stitches; rep from * to the end of the row.

This is what it looks like after you have completed this intermittent bind-off:

There is one live st at each end of the needle and five pairs of live sts between the two end stitches. The bound off sections form the petals of the flowers.


Now, break yarn leaving an 8 inch end and run this through the remaining live stitches twice.  Using the end that was left from casting on, tack the two end petals together.  You can use these ends to tie the flower directly onto whatever you are decorating.

I asked Chris to test knit the flower pattern last night and her comments were, that this is something you just have to do but that the directions were accurate. You just need to dive in and do what they say without over thinking them. It took her only 10 minutes to knit this flower, never having seen the pattern before.


Here are Bev's Hat and Mitten before flowers.


Bev and I happily spent the morning turning out one flower after another using all the aforementioned variations, and here are photos of the garden we grew today:


Later today one of our Rug Hookers came in with an amazing garden of her own.  Besides how incredibly beautiful this is, what amazes me most is this is created from recycled clothing.  I love it…there is no way I would ever have guessed that!!!  Here, look for yourself:

rosette-scarflette  just click on those underlined words and the pdf will open for you to print and or save on your own computer.  This is a FREE pattern to thank the knitters who frequent my posts.  If you are a store owner or LYS please honor this gift and do not charge your customers for it.

with love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn