Now that our son is older and so is his grandfather we offered to make the drive to granddad for Christmas Eve. We thought we were part of the family. Although Gary knew the answer by 5pm last night, it took him until 11pm to be able to share. I was rendered speechless; capable only of unreadable flapping hand motions.

Apparently, although the dining room will be able to hold the other 15-20 or so family members, 3 more direct family members are just too many and we were told we are unwelcome to come. This coming from the people who were worried I (Episcopalian) was not Christian enough to marry their son (Roman Catholic). Talk about the @&$#ing Spirit of Christmas.

Thus far I have come with four solutions:
1: Go anyway and act innocent.
2: Go anyway with lawn chairs, camp table, tent, and firepit to make smores and a bucket of KFC for dinner.
3: Figure out where to get a doobie, smoke it and go anyway. Gary theorizes it is impossible to get mad when you are high. I wouldn’t know,,,never been high before.
4: Start wearing a sign when around his family members: “In Silence, it’s just better this way.”

Now, on top of this I am studying a meditation correspondence course. My tasks this month are to stay aware of Awareness and put a positive spin on things as much as possible. Staying true to that, I am glad we don’t have to make the drive and will have fun cooking with my son on Christmas Day. Must go have a look a Julia Child for some ideas. Thinking it’s time for more pain au chocolate.

with Joy and Love to the rest of you,
Mary Ellen