Yup, it’s definitely the full moon. The lock to my store is broken (second time) and I am sitting in the parking lot waiting for the locksmith–God Bless his soul.

The Open House yesterday went great. We sold about half the garments. and now we also have a selection of sample scarves ($5 each) out for last minute Holiday Gifts. There are still quite a few children’s garments to choose from, two doll sweaters and even a blue baby blanket.

The Juniper Moon Farm Yarn sale was a hit. There is still Debbie Bliss Yarn at 50% off and many other specials for the rest of December. We also have gift cards available and I am happy to take info over the phone and mail a gift card should the need arise.

I finished the newest design garment that I cant tell you about. But, I am thrilled with it. I still get a case of yhe nerves when it is time to send it to the company, but I guess that is just to be expected. More to follow on that soon!

Take care. I should be inside the studio in about ten minutes and look forward to a visit from you!

loads of love, laughter and resignation to the tides of the moon,
Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn