Everyone has been very busy churning out hand knit items for their loved ones.  The hand knit items I have been doing are all for Frog Tree Yarns and are still top-secret…will share as soon as I get the thumbs up from them.  Here, however, are amazing photos of what everyone else has been up to.  I hope these pictures inspire you and give you lots of fibery ideas!

A sock by Lourdes Brown for her son out of a new heavier Opal sock yarn...I brought it in two colors: the green above and a tonal grey. A small nod to the men in our lives.

Alicia completed a duplicate of the bottom sweater in Cascade 220 for soon-to-be twins.

The original pattern was from a Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine circa 1983 -- Alicia did an amazing job! Kudos!!!

Jean Sick, from Tunkhannock, completed this beautiful sweater for her granddaughter! She changed the sleeves to garter stitch and what a wonderful idea!


Donna Arnold is completing Metro (you can find the pattern on Ravelry). She changed the cuffs from a boring 2x2 rib to the same cable that runs around the neck and it is AWESOME!!!


Jamie Laubenstein has been makeing these gorgeous Half Linen Stitch Scarves by using one multicolor yarn with different solid yarns and the effects are stunning...see the next photo!


You should notice, the half linen stitch is reversible...just as pretty on either side!


Donna Arnold made the Purl Soho Bandana Scarf and noticed, along with lots of other people on Ravelry, that something seems to be off about this pattern. I know she knit to gauge. I am taking her cowl into Purl with me this Saturday to see what is going on. Will get back to you with details this weekend!


Donna is also ready to begin assembling her Mitered Crosses Blanket (see Mason Dixon Knitting or Ravelry)...she is definitely on mission "get-it-done"!


This is the first of Jamie's Tickle Me socks. She did a riff on the cuff pattern for the instep and I love it...much more interesting than the rib the pattern calls for.


This is Martha's moebius design using Orenburg Peas lace and a matching lace edge. When I said I couldn't see the lace...she pulled it up over her face!


One of two yellow and blue hats by Jamie...the second one will have a brim.


And the challenge for the day:  find the cat in the following photo (it is a real live cat — which is more of a clue than I received from the person who sent me this photo!!!):

find the cat in the photo.....lotsa luck with that!


Something seems to be “up” with the internet today…so take care and have a lovely evening.  Know that the Studio here will be closed Saturday so we can have a family trip to go celebrate my 48th birthday!  loads of love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio