This post apparently does not want to be written…I will try again.  I got up this morning and went through the first ten pages of new uploads to Ravelry to see what caught my eye.  Here are the photos.  I have tried to post this three times today and the internet is just not cooperating.  I hope you find inspiration and notice the free patterns…which are FABULOUS!

GREAT HAT...I especially love the detail on the top


I know Donna is always on the prowl for great cowls


love the stitch detail


like the Purl Soho Cowl...maybe better?


great headband


like the pattern, I just think $20 is a bit pricey for a sweater pattern




Chris: you know this is what I found for you... ;-p


what a great idea for scraps!!! and short term commitment...


who doesn't need a stocking? I, however, think they should only be big enough to hold jewelry...


my favorite cowl find the texture.


Be sure to check out the page with the top favorited patterns.  Not a lot new there but always worth a peek to see if something speaks to you.  For those of you trying to download Alicia’s Winter Headband…it works.   Please read the directions…do not click on the photograph — that won’t get you anything.  Click on the words at the beginning of the paragraph and the pdf will open for you.  I promise.

loads of love, light and laughter always,
Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn

AND GET THIS:  We made to 101 countries!  Welcome to all our readers and the newest readers in Iraq.  Also a shoutout to my Akron, Ohio readers…I see you there at night!  ;-D  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.  Do not let the HumBug drag you down.  Focus on your inner light and it will only spread.  ❤