While we were away on vacation we did a bunch of family story-telling and reminiscing.  Brian said he remembered something about a Giant at Epcot, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.  Gary and I both smiled.  We were at the Epcot fireworks — Brian was still riding like the Prince that he is in a stroller (two years old?).  He was cool with the fireworks but the music got under his skin.  So, more out of desperation than anything else, I began narrating a story to go along with the fireworks music.  Like the big drum bangs were a Giant’s footsteps…and so on.  I can still see his face and his eyes from that long ago night.  He asked me this trip how I came up with a story that fast.  I responded that desperation and imagination are very closely linked.  Following are recent photos either taken while we were away, or of pets I love, or that were just inspirational.  I hope you enjoy them as I do.  hugs to you all — m.e.l.

Nikkers and Daisy share my lap.


Brian and one of his "peeps"


on safari...mom and baby elephants


who knew those pretty colors were hidden in those wings?


cat food...I mean, fish.


new earbuds


Smidgen...the black Ninja Blur




and one last one to keep you motivated despite others holiday drama:

so very true... ;-D