I came home last night to find the amount of holiday exterior decoration had tripled. My husband has a real fascination with the inflatable seasonal decorations. That’s fine by me as long as they stay within the bounds of the good taste-meter. I don’t know why though, but the Santas he picks always have an issue. There was the year of the singing Santa- which he forgot to put on a timer. THAT got us in real good with the neighbors. I banished pasr years Santa because he was wearing a wife-beater tee shirt (photo to follow). This year’s Santa is better but looks like he’s having trouble with too much Scnapps. At least this keeps huz busy and these are better than the ones he had up for Halloween — which had the dogs completely freaked out. Here decide for yourself:
(XOX m.e.l.)




OH MY how did that get in there?