Happy Chanukah…tonight is the first night. I am so glad we only have to deal with a 24-48 hour period of “celebration” and familial “bonding”. My husband just told me he has
Friday off…the whole day. Well, fab.

I need to find a deep dark cave; although, I have decided the space between the basement door and the bilco doors might do it if I can get a cord from a portable heater to reach in there. I found a portable battery powered Ott light at 50% off. That and my Kindle should be enough. Who knows, 8-10 protein bars…I could disappear for a couple of days and no one would be the wiser!

N.B.: The new furnace already went down once, Sputters disappeared three times today and the topic of adolescence is just OFF the table entirely.

loads of love, in hiding for now, Mary Ellen