In no particular order:
1- Donna’s completed Metro sweater is washed, and blocking safely in my piano room. It is beautiful.
2- Stephen West’s Shark Tooth shawl nearly killed me yesterday. It must be knit WITH markers in place…which I usually do not use. I enjoy living on the edge that way. I will post a detailed review with stitch numbers and editing tomorrow.
3- Parenting an adolescent and being married are deleterious to your health… potentially resulting in all of the following: eye and facial tics, cursing and high blood pressure, stroke and intermittent urges to frontal lobotomize myself with my own Signature Arts Knitting needles.
4- Due to the very real potential of total loss of my sanity, Summit Yarn will be closed Friday 12/23, Saturday 12/24, and Sunday 12/25, while I take a little break with Harry Potter under the basement stairs (we too have a little room with a door just like Harry did…I now call it my thotful spot).
5- I will continue blogging and knitting as these and my cats are all that seem to be working well for me these days…except that Nikkers was a very naughty boy and stole my lace alpaca silk scarf today…twice.

loads lof love and a little hysteria thrown in, Mary Ellen