Every so often we take a family day and go to the movies to see a double feature.  Today was one of those days.  The movies were so good I didn’t even knit in the dark although I do have to confess to some intermittent napping.  We saw Sherlock Holmes…which I LOVED.  Robert Downey Jr. could stand on stage and hum with that devilish glint in his eyes and that would be enough for me.  We followed that with Mission Impossible, which not only was a great action flick but also hilarious.  Two great movies and my brain finally feels defragged.

Tomorrow is In-Law day.  I have my clothes set out…we have to get up at 6:30 so we can be at the Tick Tock diner in NJ by 9 a.m.  I have a bag full of knitting and my ipod is charged with meditation music in case things get ugly.  Lets all hope for the best…whatever that is.

The Arsenic and Old Lace KAL is coming to an end.  I have a new afghan KAL in the works.  This one can be done with odds and ends, or all one color.  You will need about 1500-2000 yards of yarn depending on the size you would like this to be.  SURPRISE:  There is also going to be a crochet KAL and I have the first pattern worked out for you…it is getting all kinds of kudos in the studio, so I am looking forward to sharing.  The Crochet KAL will be small accessory items exploring reversible stitches each month.  I really do hope you join in one or both of the frays!  Last year was great fun and I am so grateful for all the new friends the KAL brought into my life and awareness.

Please travel safely and bask in the Joy of the Season.  All my love to ALL of you,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn