In no particular order are the most recent projects to make their way through Summit Yarn.  One that walked out the door today was a bagful of the Elsbeth Lavold Angora (on sale for $4 a skein) to go home to create the biggest log cabin blanky ever.  I can hardly wait to see it…I love when people treat their knitting as their art.  Here are the photos:

Something to watch for: a new pattern from Merike Saarniit for socks based on a miter square as the heel and part of the sole!

An amazing and beautiful sweater by my beloved Esther.

detail of headband made by Alicia--buttons from JoAnn fabrics two for $1


Pomona Shawl by Martha Wells, a great pattern choice for this busy colorway...the pattern is by Stephen West and available on Ravelry for sale.


a traditional Santa knit with Angora ( I always have a stash of this special Angora for just this purpose...if you need it just ask).


The stocking continues an obvious family tradition for the newest member of the family. Beautiful!


A new friend joins in the fray on a recent Friday night and makes a request for a new sweater pattern design.


The first of two caps by Jamie using Fibonacci stripes and two awesome colors.


The inverse hat...I love how the colors play on each so differently in each of the two hats.


Lace Lasagna Scarf by is finally done and gorgeous!


Three cowls, each requiring about 400 yards of yarn, from More Last Minute Gifts...I am making the pale pink one with yarn from my trip to Purl.


Chris is also still busy spinning...if you look at the opening page on Ravelry you will see two of the Sidekick spinning Wheels now featured at Summit Yarn.


Last minute knit gifts by Alicia...beautiful cable headbands.


My friend Gracie knitting on her Holiday Break.


A once and future sweater knit by Donna years ago and kudos to Jim for keeping his girlish figure all these years!


Even the backside of this sweater has intarsia....just a ton of work!!!


Reversible cabled shawl by Suzy in Artyarn's Rhapsody Light...I want to knit a sweater in this yarn and this stitch. Love it!


Kate Wassel and I have plans for future projects based on this book. I have to go order mine.


"Sushi" evening bag by Alicia! She just turned out one great gift after another this year. Please remember to keep this family in your prayers and heart as they have some health challenges to face.


Snowflake earrings made for my by Jordan Spatt and her mom. I LOVE THEM!!!


Donna sent me this photo from a store today...the definition of is not knit but is titled "The American Collection" but crocheted in China....what can I say--Does the right hand know what the left is doing?


your daily dose of cute....Sputters is such a handsome boy! Pet post to follow tomorrow and there will be a definite emphasis on all my canine friends....I promise.


I hope you found some inspiration here in this post.  If you are working on something please come in and share, no matter where you purchase the yarn — I am always interested in your Art.  Wishing you all the best with this coming New Year!

with loads of love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio